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Amy Jo and The Balanced Child Method are proud to be a part of Village Family Collective!

We are encouraged by the growing number of Central Ohio schools, Parks & Recreation departments, and more that have added child and youth yoga to their programming. Our reach is extending every single day, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Our classes teach children breath awareness, mindfulness, fun yoga poses, and fundamental messages of self-love, kindness, sharing, and inclusivity. Oh, and every class includes a dance party!

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The Mission
The Balanced Child Method’s mission is to provide children with the tools they need to control their minds, body, and heart. We empower children, their families, and their teachers to work through stress, express themselves through movement, and navigate life’s hurdles.

The Program
The Balanced Child Method is unique. This program focuses on the child and their entire support system. Our emphasis is on yoga, breathing, and mindfulness in order to set the foundation for children to achieve self-awareness. We ensure that the people around the children are equipped with the practices and teachings to be able to continue this method at home. Through this practice, the children are able to work through stress, overcome tantrums, and navigate all of the hurdles life throws their way. Starting the program at an early age is most beneficial, which is why we offer classes for children as young as 18 months.

The Founder
In 2016 Amy Jo became a new mom and realized working a corporate job in fashion retail was not her passion anymore, nor conducive to having a baby. She took it as an opportunity to discern where her true passions lie. She remembered the joy she felt when teaching fitness classes during her days at The Ohio State University. In addition, she loved being a mother and working with children. She had developed a drive for health and wellness. She wanted to bring together these passions and her wide skill set.

The spark for teaching yoga to children ignited at the beginning of her 200-hour yoga teacher training course. A friend started a childcare center and was planning on using YouTube to teach the students yoga. Amy Jo jumped at this chance. This was especially exciting because it meant she would be teaching her son, who was a student at the center.

Amy Jo lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Andy and their three children: Henry, Rose and Violet.


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