Welcome Signature Primary Care and Wellness to the Village Central Ohio Family!

Welcome Dr. Paige Gutheil, Dr. Robin Newburn and The Signature Primary Care and Wellness Family!

We are actually having fun doing primary care medicine differently.  That’s right – we believe you can add fun to your wellness journey. At our core, we provide comprehensive holistic direct primary care and wellness memberships that make healthcare truly health focused, affordable and accessible.  Our approach brings together the best of safe and sophisticated traditional medicine with the most effective natural approaches from lifestyle, integrative and functional medicine. Led by board-certified family medicine physicians and supported by a comprehensive wellness team, we believe It’s not too much to ask for a healthcare team who will listen as a friend and partner with you and empower you to make the healthcare choices that are right for you. 

Dr. Paige Gutheil (Dr. Paige to most!) is an osteopathic family medicine physician born and raised in central Ohio. She believes that effective, comprehensive primary care starts with a close partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Dr. Paige created this innovative collaborative care model to be able to provide total care – mind, body, spirit – to the community she serves. 

Dr. Robin Newburn is an osteopathic family physician and wellness advocate. She deeply believes in a comprehensive approach to patient care – mind, body and spirit – and partnering with her patients to reach their personalized health goals.  

Working with your physician, you have access to a comprehensive health coaching plan that guides your journey and the ability for personalized specialty consultation with a dietician, personal trainer, therapist, health coach, massage therapist and acupuncturist. Your journey is ever-evolving (because as is life!), so your support will evolve with you. 

Is Signature Primary Care and Wellness for You? 

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you living some combination of feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, overweight or generally older than you should? Or dealing with a chronic issue that needs more holistic attention? Or are you looking for that preventive and high performance support to do more and enjoy more?

Imagine finally getting to the root cause of not feeling your best. Imagine having a trusting and supportive relationship with healthcare professionals. Imagine clinicians that are there for you when you need them and work with you to develop a care plan that fits into your life and aligns with your values. That’s where we come in.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Ever thought that healthcare should be just… different? We LOVE the Direct Primary Care model and love that our patients love it! It takes a little thinking outside the box – we sometimes describe it as a combination of a gym membership and a wholesale club membership. And believe it or not, It’s a great combo with or without traditional health insurance. Either way, we are often saving you money. And we are definitely saving you stress, frustration and time.  

Most importantly though is HOW we practice medicine. Our visits are personable. You are not rushed. We get to know what’s going on in your life. And we are there for you when you need it. Getting sick never happens at a convenient time-but having a doctor who is just a text & phone call away (literally) is the exact convenience you need.

How We Partner With You:

Whether you are ready to dip your toe in or dive right in, we have multiple ways to partner with you. 

Memberships: Leverage the most cost savings and accountability support with monthly memberships. We offer both local and virtual plans that include the unique combination of services that are right for you.

Bundles: Know you want to combine a variety of services to meet your goals or multiple visits with one professional? Discounted pre-paid bundles are for you. ~10% or more off of a la carte rates

A la carte: Get to know us by trying out one of our Wellness Services or add on to your memberships or bundles!  A la carte services include: massage, acupuncture, dietitian, personal training, counseling and coaching. 


Village Listing: https://villagefamilycollective.com/business-directory/paigegutheil/

Instagram: @signatureprimarycare.wellness / @dr.paige.do

Facebook: Signature Primary Care and Wellness  / Dr. Paige

TikTok: @drpaige

Website: https://www.signaturecare.co/

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