The Balanced Child Method


The Balanced Child Method




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Balance and Self-Care


The Balanced Child method is unique. This program focuses on both the child as well as their entire support system. Our emphasis is on yoga, breathing, and mindfulness, in order to set the foundation for children to achieve self awareness. We ensure that the people around the children are equipped with the practices and teachings to be able to continue this method at home. Through this practice the children are able to work through stress, overcome emotional challenges, and navigate all of the hurdles life throws their way.

We believe that starting the program at an early age is most beneficial, which is why we offer classes for children as young as 18 months. We offer classes and workshops for schools, daycares, private groups, parks and rec and more. Our class offerings varies from Family Yoga, Youth Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Kids Yoga, Adult and Me Yoga and more. We also provide workshops for teachers and care givers.

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