The Ultimate Time Saver: A Cleaning Company

As entrepreneurs, as business owners- who has time for cleaning?? Whether it is our business space or our home, you need to spend your time, energy and expertise where it really counts.

The Ultimate Time Saver? A Cleaning Company.

Here’s The Modern Maid‘s take on: Which cleaning should I choose?

Recurring Cleanings (offered as weekly, biweekly, or monthly options) provide the most consistency and peace of mind for our customers.
There is nothing quite like walking into your home and feeling at peace.

That fresh scent in the air, the straightened/organized rooms throughout the house, beds made, pillows in place, and even toilet paper folded in the bathrooms, it’s a whole vibe, you know what I mean.

At The Modern Maid, nothing brings us more joy than allowing you to feel at home, in your home. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and go the extra mile for our customers, we value. Providing training and ongoing resources to our staff who have an impeccable eye for detail. We want you to walk through the door and within seconds truly feel at home with less distraction, worry and stress. When choosing a cleaning service, you’re investing not only in your home but in yourself, providing calm to the everyday chaos that can be so prevalent in our lives. Why not add value to your life with a service that can allow for a more relaxed and rejuvenated atmosphere.

Often, we hear questions from current and potential customers about which cleaning service to choose for their homes and whether to consider a one time cleaning or a recurring cleaning for their needs. This is an easy answer for us and a resounding yes when it comes to recurring cleanings over a one-time cleaning. But a little background on our why behind this choice.

A recurring cleaning is an ongoing cleaning time scheduled for you either weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This service gives us the ability to keep your home at its best, all year long.

A one-time cleaning is scheduled and revisited as needed but can often be months from the original date of cleaning, requiring a much more thorough deep clean to restore the home to its original state. This can
be much more costly for customers and require a deeper clean and longer service each time rather than maintenance cleans that are recurring.

When you make having a clean home a priority, it has many benefits for you and your family. It can reduce the amount of dust, mold and pet hair and dander (for all of our pet lovers out there) and it can even provide relief for those who suffer with allergies by reducing irritation that occurs within the home.

It truly is all about consistency. When it is scheduled and becomes a part of your routine, it will happen. It will be one less thing on your to do list, allowing you more time to be present in the moments that matter the most, leading to a healthy, happy and more mindful & intentional life. The quality time you can enjoy when you commit to regular cleaning is priceless.

Call us today to add a little more calm to your chaos by scheduling a recurring cleaning service with The Modern Maid.

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