Meet Your Village Central Ohio Team!

Your Central Ohio Team brings a variety of great attributes as entrepreneurs AND parents to your local Village Family Collective. They are fun, dynamic and serious about helping Central Ohio’s local kids and families.  



Shane is a passionate entrepreneur and understands the real-life implications of owning and operating a small business.  He has lived and worked in Central Ohio with his wife and now 2 sons for 20 years.  Shane believes that children and families bring life to our communities and wants to support them the very best he can.  Shane is inspired to bring about change within our world and believes it all starts with supporting each other at the local level.  


Co-Founder & Adviser

Kim has personally owned and operated three small businesses in Central Ohio.  One of them was a pediatric development agency which she owned and operated for 10 years before selling in 2021. She is a wife and mother of 2 young children.  She is serving as our business advisor and knows just how to bring big heart to small business.  Kim also practices as a business consultant to entrepreneurs across the United States. Kim has lived in the Columbus area for 15 years and truly understands our local kids and family community and climate.  She loves all things conscious choices, entrepreneurship, education, and working with and supporting children and families.


Collective Administrator

Missy is a wife and a mother to 3 young children and has lived in the Columbus area for 15 years.  She built her own business from the ground up and serves families and entrepreneurs as a photographer.  Missy cares deeply about all things small business and loves working to help entrepreneurs connect to the community in an authentic way.


Collective Administrator

Sara has been an educator for 15 years. She is a wife and mother of two little girls. Outside of education, she has also been involved in assisting a number of small businesses through social media management, content creation and production, and dreaming up new endeavors. Sara has lived in the Columbus area for about 11 years and continues to relish in exploring all that it has to offer. She loves supporting small businesses, finding family friendly adventures, and providing a creative perspective to those that surround her. 

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