Why Village?

Why Village?  

As parents and caregivers, we know first hand that raising a child is not easy.  While the journey is a lovely one, it can have its ups and downs, moments of need and moments of care.  

For a child and family to reach their highest potential, it sometimes needs the right supports. The last thing a parent or caregiver has is extra time. But often, time is needed for is finding and interviewing those right supports.  

We love all things child and family. They truly are the backbones to our present community and the to the future. We wanted to do something real, something tangible, to help kids and families succeed within our community.  

Village is low cost/high return for the businesses within the Collective membership, and free for families seeking out help.  It is nothing but a win-win for everyone. 

Thus, Village Family Collective was born. Our real, tangible solution for helping our communities and their children and families thrive.  We spend our time doing the research so you don’t have to. Allow us to save you some time and stress and be your partner in making our local community just that much better.  

CONTACT US to use our free concierge service to get your family headed in the right direction OR if you are a conscious, ethical business support interested in joining our Collective. 

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