Dr. Paige Guthiel: Let’s talk fat loss.

Let’s talk FAT loss. Deep breath.

You have likely heard me say that it’s not about the weight and that is SO TRUE. (And it certainly isn’t about how you look, but we’ll save that discussion for a different day.) You can be 30+ pounds “overweight” and be metabolically healthier than someone of a “normal” weight, depending on your habits and body composition.

That being said, carrying an excess of adipose tissue (aka – fat) is like carrying an extra endocrine organ that we did not invite to the body. It’s a stress – physically (it’s heavy sometimes!) and metabolically (it’s got blood supply and is quite hormonally active in an ornery way).

Below are my Whole Health Hacks – Fat Loss Edition

And at Signature Primary Care and Wellness, we are supporting your fat loss in a whole new way if that is something you would like to pursue. Comment and tell me the change you are going to make!

Remember, when we tend to our Whole Health, we tend to our mind, body (internally and body structure), spirit and our life!  And we do this in a way that doesn’t sacrifice one area for another. Here we go! 


The Fat Loss Mind Benders

-You will not permanently lose fat until you better deal with stress – both emotional and physical, present and often past.

-You will not permanently lose fat until you get adequate sleep.

-You will not permanently lose fat until you feel your feelings rather than mask them or buffer them with food or drink.

-You will not permanently lose fat until you act from a place of self CARE rather than self hate/frustration/loathing, etc.

-You will not permanently lose fat until you design a life that includes things that are MORE FUN than eating. Let’s go!

-You will not permanently change your body until you accept and appreciate your body the way it is (You CAN do both!).

All of the above might seem easier said than done and that is because it is. ; )  The good news is, you don’t have to be perfect at it. It starts with one thought, education and support to keep things going.


Nutrition is more of an influence on fat loss than activity levels, so if you are looking for a place to start, look at what, when, where and how you eat. (Learn more about all that in our wellness membership’s course).

The change to make is a small and pleasant addition to your diet that you can do for the rest of your life. Personally, I would start with protein or water goals, but I am not you, so you get to pick what is pleasant for you. : )

It’s okay to use pharmaceutical support – sometimes it’s the thing that helps get the ball moving and make your efforts easier. It doesn’t have to be lifelong, but it does have to be personalized to you and designed as just one part of a Whole Health program. We love developing protocols for fat loss, but also check out the “Our Life” section – because we don’t believe in “just” prescribing a pill to help fat loss.


Activity is important. Long bouts of high intensity cardio are not. (Learn more about why in our wellness membership’s course.)

The change to make is a small and pleasant addition to your life that you can do for the rest of your life. I would start with adding some form of strength and/or mobility training every day (even if it’s 5 minutes!), but I am not you, so you get to pick what is pleasant for you. : )

Don’t be shy about learning how to do this first. Typically we are not trained in proper weight lifting, resistance bands workouts, yoga, pilates, stretching, etc and it can be intimidating. Google and a consultation with a trusted personal training/physical therapy partner goes a LONG way to building confidence, making faster progress and preventing injury!


But where do I start and how do I put this all together long term this time? Only a few things have been shown to be effective long term for fat loss – being engaged in a small, continuous reflection, education and goal-setting process, having accountability and being part of a supportive community are the scientific ways to meet your health goals independent of what you actually do. Period.

You guessed it. That involves a Wellness membership.

You will get education related to mindset, stress management, life management, focus, nutrition, fitness, sleep, navigating relationships, finances, how to design your physical environment to enhance your health.

You will learn how to set health goals that are achievable and make progress.

You will learn how to manage your mind to meet them in a way that feels kind and encouraging.

You will learn how to “mess up” the right way. lol

You will be held accountable, supported and accepted every step of the way.

You will cut out the confusion of “but what should I do?”

You will have fun in the process.

Why not just a visit with your doctor or other healthcare professional? Obviously there is WAY TOO MUCH to cover in one visit, one on one.. You need group support, education and you likely need a deep dive into a personalized plan with experts in fitness, nutrition, counseling, coaching or other support.

Let’s do this the right way from now on: A local wellness membership or a virtual wellness membership.

Let’s go!

To Your Whole Health, 

Dr. Paige

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