Welcome Steadfast Chiropractic to Village Family Collective of Central Ohio!

Steadfast chiropractic is excited to join the Village Family Collective network and to provide neurologically based chiropractic care for the entire family.


Hilliard, Ohio

We serve everyone, from infancy all the way through adulthood, we know that a family that heals together thrives together. Birth can be traumatic not only for mom but for baby too, and if this trauma is not addressed it often follows them as they continue to grow causing new challenges during their next stages of life.

We often see infants for issues such as difficulty feeding, sleeping, constipation, torticollis or wellness. Toddlers and young children may experience difficulty sleeping, tantrums, delayed milestones, ear infections and constant sickness. As they grow a little older, we start to see sensory processing struggles, ADHD, and anxiety to name a few.

Caring for expecting mothers is another one of our passions as all doctors at Steadfast Chiropractic care certified in Webster Technique. We offer empowerment and education as moms navigate preparing for the birth of their dreams, while supporting them through the transition into the postpartum period. You deserve more care and support with the rapid changes that happen through pregnancy and postpartum.

Don’t worry dads, we haven’t forgotten about you! Dads and other adults often struggle with stress management, chronic pain, headaches, immune system struggles and difficulty sleeping. We want to keep you moving and doing all the things you love with less pain and more energy! Our mission is to bring health and wellness to as many greater Columbus families as possible.

We believe when the nervous system is free of interference it allows our extraordinary body to function and adapt to stress the way it is designed to. By utilizing cutting edge technology and chiropractic analysis, we are able to find and remove these interferences to allow our bodies to function at our most optimal level. We want to empower and educate our community through neurologically based chiropractic care to reach their ultimate health goals.

By treating each patient as an individual and designing a care plan specifically to help them meet their goals, we are able to see life changing results that allow our patients and families to thrive. Our INSiGHT neurological scans allow us to get a deeper look at how adaptable your nervous system actually is. This gives us the key information we need to individualize care specifically for each member of your family.

We know that when there is a health issue in the family it can be stressful and impact the whole family. We are called to help these families get out of this struggle and begin to heal and thrive through principled chiropractic care. It is our dream to become a pillar of health in our community and to give individuals the option of natural healing as an alternative to traditional healthcare. We want to empower and educate our community to create a healthier life.

If you’re ready to start your journey to health, mention The Village Collective when scheduling your new patient exam!


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