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Physical Health / Nutrition


Steadfast Chiropractic is a place for the whole family. We serve everyone, from infancy all the way through adulthood, we know that a family that heals together thrives together.

Our main focuses are:

Pediatric care can be from colicky infants, to chronically sick kids, to sensory and spectrum challenges.

Prenatal care is where the foundation of an entire family’s health is built. We support our moms all the way from conception through postpartum and as their family grows.

Family care focuses on our burnt out, exhausted and stressed out adults. We routinely see our parents and adults getting better sleep, more energy and better emotional well-being.

Our goal through neurologically focused chiropractic care is for you to experience your family thrive. Our 5 step process creates individual care for each member of your family.

Step 1: Your consultation is where we will take a deep dive into you or your child’s case history to find the root cause of your child’s health challenges.
Step 2: Insight Scans are going to find, measure, and quantify how much stress and tension is stuck in you or your child’s nervous system.
step 3: A customized care plan to fit each person’s exact needs. This care planning system blends not only your insight scans but each unique case history findings to create a plan just for you or your child.
Step 4: At your report of findings we will have a clear action plan to help get you and your families health and healing back on track while answering any questions we haven’t answered at this point.
Step 5: Adjustments which are safe, gentle and target that tension and stress on the nervous system.

We cannot wait to serve you and your family on the path to better health healing and to foster a community of like minded individuals that are ready to get to the root cause of their health concerns. But above all, we want you to experience your family thrive.

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